当社は、ファッション衣料や小物・雑貨の商品企画・製造を行うメーカーでもあります。 自社オリジナルキャラクター商品の製造・販売の他に、他者ブランドの受注製造、各種ノベルティ商品の受注製造も受けます。デザインの提案、商品素材の企画・提案、版下制作、商品製造、納品まで、約70社の国内、海外工場の協力を背景に、多品種、少ロットの生産体制を可能にします。

Our company is also the maker who performs goods plan and manufacture of fashion garments, or accessories and miscellaneous goods. Besides manufacture and sale of their original products featuring popular characters, order-received manufacture of an others brand and various novelty goods are also received. Production organization of many kinds and a few lot is made possible by cooperationof domestic and overseas factorys.



The enterprise carries out license sale in the company which needs the character for the sales promotion of its company's goods by our original character or the character which tied up with the production. It is the project which pursues an enterprise mutual merit with many companies by the setting contract of a minimum guarantee or a loyalty.



Our company has exposed the intellectual property of a character to users all over the country broadly through a media channel called PC and mobile contents. While weaving the view of the world of a character, a story, and a message into contents like a picture-book and obtaining cognition and resonance of a user, the media mix strategy which becomes fruitful to commercialization or license deployment is built.



Our company does enterprise deployment of the view of the world of the character which grew up from digital contents as printing type publication of a picture-book, a fortune-telling book, a gourmet book, a four-frame strip cartoon, a satire book, etc.



Our company does not only design our original characters but also help of work for the design plan of the brand of the other companys. A colorful and unique design changes a form into colorful goods and colorful contents, and is entertaining consumers all over the country. A character is the "face" of all goods and is the entertainer common to the whole world who is not bound on the border.